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Engaging in dual relationships is risky business for social workers. Social work is a profession that prides itself on the use of self, the person in the process Mattison, As distinctive and positive as it is, this concept lends itself to developing secondary relationships. These relationships can include nonsexual and legitimate interactions, many of which are unplanned and inadvertent, yet still have ethical ramifications. Ethical issues related to professional boundaries are common and complex. We should be concerned with dual relationships primarily because they can hurt clients but also because they can hurt the profession and social workers. Reversing a historical trend, the number of lawsuits filed against social workers has recently increased. A primary reason why clients sue is because they feel they have been exploited, and exploitation is at the core of the dual relationship issue. A debate has emerged in the social work field about dual relationships.

Communication Across Cultural Boundaries Workshop

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Date: 11 April , Thursday. Time: pm – pm. Venue: MBG19, G/F Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University.

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Our lifestyles have been no doubt exotic to one another, leading to questions, answers, and more interest. The best part about dating someone is getting to know them inside and out. The most important thing is to ask questions. Expressing interest is an important part of relationships in general. Being able and willing to understand each other brings you closer together. Another important part of dating someone with a different background than you is to be open.

Even though they may not eat the same food as you, there is always something they will be able to find at your favorite restaurant. Be risky. Take the opportunity to try new things with someone who wants to build experiences with you. Chances are that you will have major differences in your beliefs. That is OKAY. As long as you are willing to be understanding rather than judgmental, everything should work out.

Culture Shocks: Humour across cultures

All relationships are to some extent cross-cultural, in that both parties come together from different families to build a new unit together. Whilst for many couples this will be a natural set of compromises to which both partners will adjust naturally overtime — for others the differences can be fundamental, with one finding it difficult to understand the others way of looking at the world and vice versa. In a relationship situation when two people have differing beliefs, it is these feelings that can be pushed to the forefront, overwhelming the individual feelings we have for one another.

Cross-cultural issues faced by couples include loss of identity, conflicts over differences in fundamental beliefs, clashes in parenting tactics, struggles with unsupportive families and different interpretations of an event relating to some aspect of differing cultures. Counselling for cross-cultural issues can help couples step outside of their restrictive cultural identities to see one another with greater clarity, as individuals.

Intercultural Couples: Crossing Boundaries, Negotiating Difference Copyright Date: Cross-cultural, cross-racial, and international contacts have grown facilitated by the breaking down of legal and cultural restrictions to interracial.

Four years ago, I was on a date with a lovely Japanese businesswoman in downtown Shibuya, Tokyo. I tried to explain how well-regarded English humour is around Europe. It was an Oscar-worthy performance, certainly one of my best. Instead, I got a long awkward silence, broken only by my own yammering. We looked at each other for a long, silent moment.

And then, sharing in the awkwardness, we burst into tears of laughter together. So much of what we find funny is socially ingrained. But there are deeper levels of humour — comedic elements that cross boundaries and tap into something universally human. Knowing the difference can be the key to capturing the comedic imagination of your audience, no matter where they are from. Our sense of humour is deeply rooted in our nationhood, our shared view of the world, and the norms that are so familiar to us.

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All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Our lifestyles have been no doubt exotic to one another, leading to questions, answers, and more interest.

We want to break the stigma of mental health in our society, and to shine a light on the positivity and support that should be available for everyone, no matter their​.

Williams, Dean. We live in difficult times. We are facing a modern version of the four horsemen represented by unprecedented ideological, technological, social, and ecological challenges with little clarity on how to confront them as a human community. The long-forgotten politics of exclusion are reemerging, building new narratives around the increasing fear and disillusionment of communities all over the world.

The strengthening of the Islamic State in the Middle East has not only radicalized discourses of exclusion in Islamic countries, but also created fear and disdain among citizens of the West. Right-wing parties relying on racist and anti-immigration campaigns are regaining ground among voters in Europe, as well as in the U. This puts at risk the international community’s efforts of the last 65 years, striving to create a legal framework and a holding environment to protect the rights and liberties of every human being.

On the other hand, while information and technological innovations have drastically reduced human effort and shifted time allocation, they have also modified the ways we interact, communicate, and organize amongst ourselves, with as yet unforeseen repercussions. Furthermore, the rapid advance in the current development of artificial intelligence has also started to raise concerns about what will happen to human participation along productive value chains.

We do not have a clear sense of the challenges that the new global economy will pose to human communities in the future, but we are start ing to perceive its possible effects in two additional areas: the loss of natural reserves that sustain human life and the inequality gap in well-being and wealth distribution.

Breaking Boundaries: cross-cultural trade and integration of Africans in China

Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this WorldCat. But when you throw people together who come from starkly different backgrounds and cultures– from Americans who precede anything negative with three nice comments to French, Dutch, Israelis and Germans who get straight to the point “your presentation was simply awful” ; from Latin Americans and Asians who are steeped in hierarchy to the Scandinavians who think the best boss is just one of the crowd– the result can sometimes be disastrous.

In Culture Map, renowned expert Erin Meyer offers highly practical and timely perspective on one of today’s most pressing business issues: how do different cultures influence the way to do business when working globally?

The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global that can be utilized in any cross-cultural context, Meyer’s work is characterized by a pages; Publisher: PublicAffairs (May 27, ); Publication Date: May

The tradition of Chinese parents having a say in their kid’s love life can wreak havoc on a cross-cultural relationship even before it really gets off the ground. Photo: IC. Bruno Dubois, a year-old Frenchman, was not surprised when news broke on October 9 that Chinese pop singer Zhang Liangying’s mother strongly opposed her marriage.

Her parents did not want a foreigner for their son-in-law. He met his Chinese ex-girlfriend, Sophie Li, in when he was reading for his bachelor’s degree at a university in Beijing. From the beginning, Li had always hesitated about whether to tell her parents about him because she was afraid her parents would not be okay with the relationship. It took her about two months to muster up enough courage to tell her parents about her foreign boyfriend, and it did not go well.

As it is a tradition for Chinese parents to play a part in their kid’s relationships and marriage, Dubois is not the only expat in China to encounter interference from them. While there are those, like Dubois, whose romance ended because of interfering parents, there are also others who don’t mind it. Unreliable mates According to Dubois, when his girlfriend tried to tell her parents about him, they stopped her right there and did not even let her finish.

Although he already knew from his girlfriend that it would not be easy for her parents to accept him, he never expected that they would order their daughter to break up with him. Not wanting to make her parents angry and sad, his girlfriend eventually gave in and broke up with him.

Breaking The Boundaries Cross Cultural Dating

NCBI Bookshelf. Boston: Butterworths; Robert W. Listen to him. Disease is what is happening to science and to populations. Weed, , p 1.

Supporting Cross-Cultural Friendships she has faced since she started dating Terrel, an African-American student, eight months ago. they are also places where young people take risks and break down boundaries.

This study extends prior scholarship on the role of self-disclosure in relationship development on the Internet in three different cultures: Korea, Japan, and the United States. The duration of the online relationship was considered as well as the two typical dimensions i. The results suggest some cross-cultural differences and similarities in the associations between self-disclosure and relationship qualities. For Americans, Japanese, and Koreans, self-disclosure was directly associated with online relationship development.

However, the relationship between self-disclosure and trust was positive only for Americans. The popularity of cyberspace interactions and relationships in the U. Through frequent and extensive verbal exchange of social information, partners interacting on the Internet may actively engage in self-disclosure and come to feel close to and bond with each other.

Accordingly, many people regularly use the Internet to meet a special someone or to maintain personal relationships e. Some computer-mediated communication CMC researchers e.

Sobering Advice for anyone contemplating a cross-cultural marriage

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authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. Dotted lines on maps Some aim to reduce dating violence and sexual abuse among teenagers and young adults Thus, individuals are discouraged from violating.

This hard-won advice is intended only for those couples who are truly considering entering into a cross-cultural marital situation. Simply marrying someone whose ancestry is different from your own is not quite the same thing. Much of who we are and what we believe is the result of what we see around us as examples during our childhood. Someone born in Japan who is brought to the United States before school age and who has lived here ever since will not benefit so much from the advice I have to give here.

Just that my particular experience is with someone who was raised all her life in a different culture from myself and it is to those in a similar situation that I address this discourse. You may also find that this advice is strongly biased toward the male point of view. That should not be too surprising, since I have lived all my life as a male and I have little experience looking at the situation from the other side. If you have a beef with that, then either write an equivalent article from the female perspective I would gladly host such a page or just quietly put up with my rants.

Also, realize that I have some personal steam to vent and this may at times color the presentation. The only caveat is that if the advice does not apply to your situation, then just forget it. But if I can help one would-be husband or wife to avoid disaster before it strikes, then it was worth the time and the disk space. You see, there is precious little in the way of practical material available in your local bookstore on the subject of relating to someone who was not raised with the same value system as yourself.

And even less so when it comes to Japanese culture.

Cross-cultural relationships

When I was growing up, most of my friends were a lot like me. We looked a lot alike, lived in similar neighborhoods and rarely questioned the racial and cultural uniformity that was the fabric of our lives. Like many high schools, our student population was fairly segregated, and I stuck with the group where I felt most comfortable.

that this cross-cutting relevance of culture should be underlined with the publication of this second volume in the of the country, dating from , as the reason for a break down boundaries and build bridges between.

The level and degree of understanding of the nature and meaning of leisure in the lives of blacks, native-Americans, Hispanics, and other ethnic minority populations within the United States is lacking. Breaking boundaries and barriers : Future directions in cross-cultural research. N2 – The level and degree of understanding of the nature and meaning of leisure in the lives of blacks, native-Americans, Hispanics, and other ethnic minority populations within the United States is lacking.

AB – The level and degree of understanding of the nature and meaning of leisure in the lives of blacks, native-Americans, Hispanics, and other ethnic minority populations within the United States is lacking. Breaking boundaries and barriers: Future directions in cross-cultural research. Overview Fingerprint. Abstract The level and degree of understanding of the nature and meaning of leisure in the lives of blacks, native-Americans, Hispanics, and other ethnic minority populations within the United States is lacking.

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