The concept of Waldorf school

The concept of Waldorf school - photo 1 («Personal project»)
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Usable area, m21 027
Area of the first floor, m2548
Area of the second level, m2479
Size of the group of cells, m2131
Size of the classes, m2222
Number of students, persons80
Number of places for children in kindergarten, persons40

the Concept of Waldorf school in the city of Vladimir

the Proposal to place in the building of the former evening school complex «kindergarten - Primary school».

Âàëüäîðôñêèé complex «kindergarten - Primary school» is situated in a residential building on Ul. Ìèõàéëîâêñêàÿ, 49. Area of the complex is flat, on the territory, there are several outbuildings, a lot of green space. In the building of 1948, the building housed the kindergarten and then to school night.

the Project fixtures in the building is planned to place two groups of kindergarten and grades of primary school. In the basis of planning based on the principle of Autonomous movement of the flows from all floors of the building and group of cells is provided by at least two emergency exits. The internal environment is designed considering access to educational institution for children with disabilities.

On the first floor: 2 classrooms, sports hall, kitchen and dining room, a class ýâðèòìèè, bathrooms, a teacher, a study of the health worker, service premises.

On the second floor: two groups of kindergarten mixed type for 20 people with the bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms, two classrooms, two office premises utility room.

the Sketch project provides for:

  • landscaping of the territory with the construction of isolated sites for walks and sports games of schoolchildren and pre-school children;
  • conversion of the existing system of planning of the building (partitioning new, punching and tab openings, replacement of floor constructions, replacing the existing deteriorating communications system, completion of the first floor corridor);
  • the replacement of the roof and strengthening of the Foundation (if necessary, according to the results of technical inspection of the building).

the Project corresponds to the requirements of normative documents, valid in the territory of the Russian Federation and the peculiarities of Waldorf pedagogy.

Client: the Board of Trustees of Waldorf schools.

Year of the development - 2011.