The concept of the clinic

The concept of the clinic - photo 1 («Personal project»)
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Area of the first floor, m2264,75
Area of the second level, m2273,38
Area of the attic floor, m2190,56
Total usable floor area, m2728,69

Reconstruction of a 19th century building with the superstructure of the second floor under the medical clinic

the Reconstructed building is located in the residential area of the historical core, Serpukhov at: St. Lunacharsky, 58. Previously the building was a carpentry workshop. At the moment the construction is not operated.

the Project of reconstruction it is supposed the superstructure of the building of the second storey with an attic and the medical clinic. As the structure of the old, the project does not involve the use of existing support structures, and assumes construction inside the premises of the independent metal frame. Floor height adopted 3 meters, the height of the building with a skate - 9 meters.

the Project provides for maximum preservation of style facade, the existing structures, openings, decoration.

In the building accommodate diagnostic Department (laboratory, CT and x-ray), it is planned to attract specialists such as: pediatrician, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, orthopedist, the gynecologist, the urologist, the cosmetician, the stomatologist, the allergist, doctor of functional diagnostics, physiotherapist, etc..

Provides for the possibility of service in clinic of people with disabilities, for this an entrance from the earth's surface movement inside the building is limited to only the first floor and the challenge of necessary specialists in the room VIP service. On the territory of the offers 6 Parking places, including one for the disabled. The plot is laid travel and walking paths, the territory being covered with grass.

Year of the development - 2012.