Project organization «Personal project»

If you are building a house or apartment renovation, the first thing to do is to order an architectural project.

What he gives you and how much will it cost? The quality and price of this work is determined by the choice of the designer.

[list name] project organisation, in the team which includes proactive architects, constructors, designers, working in this sphere for more than 6 years.

the Main directions of the activities of the project organization:

on the literacy project largely depend on the reliability and security of your new home.


Design organizations Vladimir (including «Personal project»), perform their work at a price favourably differs from the Metropolitan.

So what gives us the design of the building? As a rule, having decided to build his house, do you understand him only in General terms, the more you find it difficult to calculate, how much material is needed for the construction. If you are not going to become a Builder and hire a team in terms of performance of the order and expenses you fully from it depend on. Detailed design gives you a clear view of the future house, its external and internal appearance, as well as specific figures amount of material etc. In one word, with hands on the project, you become the master of the situation and plan the costs and time of construction. And it saves you a lot of money, time and effort.

What is the scheme of your cooperation with the project organization?

in order to start work with «Personal project», you call +49 07131 2772 87231 and do application on the website.

project works begins with departure of the expert for consultations. Then, during the term of the project, you meet 2-3 times. To deadlines were minimal, you should as clearly as possible and more specifically to Express their wishes regarding the facade and interior of your home. Then the professionals of the organization will provide you with preliminary plans for the building of choice. Once you know the specific solution of the facade and interior layout, specialists in the shortest possible time developing a detailed project and provide you with all the detailed documentation in 2 versions. It includes:

  1. a Set of drawings in 2 copies and in electronic format;
  2. a Brief description of the project: from Foundation to roof (number of materials, their indicators and characteristics);
  3. three-Dimensional model of the object (its image with a different parties);
  4. finishing list (summary table surface areas and building materials);
  5. Quantitative table doors, Windows, stained glass Windows (if any) etc.


Every project required is presented to the Department of architecture for a construction permit.

Thus, you are assured of reliability and the security of your house, just imagine the progress of construction work and the end result, pre-plan a budget for the house.

[list name] will perform an exclusive project of your house taking into account the characteristics of the terrain, will develop an original and comfortable interior design, will make all technical calculations.

«Personal project» is competent specialists in short terms of order execution, the optimal price and quality worldwide!